Saturday, May 29


Tuesday, May 25

yeah, my friends they are so beautiful

there's more coming soon,
 words are insufficient..

Tuesday, April 13

my idea of the perfect job keeps changing constantly

Sunday, April 4

when there's freshness in a rainy day

Saturday, March 27

bags of dirt for good mood

after following my own advice today, i was roaming the streets, taking the sunshine in and enjoying the frozen-yoghurt-induced brainfreeze, i got that feeling that i always get, screaming inside me "it's such a beautiful day, do something!" [and yeah, i get that a lot]
so i looked and thought and ate and thought,
and then i called my dad to go help me buy some bags of dirt [always reminds me of that randy kagan stand up], plant some flowers and fix up the balcony for good moods, morning coffee and tanning:)
and so we did.

and don't you forget to turn your lights off tonight, dark side isn't that bad from time to time :P

Wednesday, March 24

the fragrance separate to the flower

spring time is a great excuse for not updating my private blog and my design blog who was an excuse for not updating my private one...
get offline and enjoy the sun, the frozen yogurt and the real birds' tweets :}

Monday, March 8

girly weather on a girly holiday

well, the weather has been awful for march so far [never-ending snow], which a lot of male friends of mine found has something to do with the int. girl's holiday of the 8th of march..
i don't find it important enough for a post, although the present i got for my mom definitely is,
so here you go :)

Friday, February 26

in honesty, it's been a while

it's certainly no surprise i'm leaving this blog behind, piece by piece and i guess this time i have to just wrap it up and move on. what i will be moving on to though, is a new blog, something i've been wanting to do for a while now, so after i figure out all the details, name, subject, small things really haha, i hope i'll get on with it. in the meantime, come have a coffe on my balcony, or follow me on twitter, which in reality i blame for letting me abandon my blog. it's way too easy to share inspiration there, no formatting, no special pictures to support articles and.. no articles, just 140 characters to quickly share the info.. i'm a lazy bum..
but how can you not be, when the sun is out all day ;]
and with my coffee mug raised - here's to nice weather!

Saturday, January 30

airport games

sometimes watching the people go by, you just want to make up their stories. you don't know if it's better or worse than where they really are, but you feel pretty good about getting invested - even if you never see them again.
sometimes i wonder about the stories people might make up about me. because everywhere we go there are probably as many stories times as many stories in the room, that is - each and every person's story, and then, all the stories everyone might make up about each other.
it's dizzying, really. and interesting. and best of all it puts you in the past of learning from observation. you know, you'd be surprised - if you really pay attention - what you can come to know about people if you just look quietly and deeply enough.

[i wrote this a while ago, but just got reminded of how fun it is to play stories while waiting at the airport; so many different people, all going somewhere, you wonder where, why, are they running towards something or away, visiting, moving, working... ahh]

Saturday, January 23

creative break

recently, i've been under constant sunday syndrome,
every day is kind of the same, and every new thing i find here, is never really new,
so i'm officially taking a break, i guess 'these things just happen', as
they say.
i got the travel bugs again, and since i have the time,
i think that would be the best possible solution to feeling 'stuck'.
but don't take it the wrong way - my being stuck is still not the worst kind of being stuck,
since it has a definite end in sight, it's just that i have to be patient.
and that waiting game, to me, has always felt like being stuck :}
so here's to the discovery of the unknown and something to tell the folks back home..
and a soundtrack to it.


Sunday, January 17

happy 100

my 100th post,
my 1st lomo picture,
and my 22nd birthday.
probably the first time i've been speechless as well.

i'll be celebrating on my birthday at my all-time favourtie restaurant and after that my currently favourite club, so anyone who knows when and where that is is welcome to join in.
don't expect invitation calls [in fact, my cell will be off all day, 22 years of 'здраве,щастие и любов' can really grind your nerves], it's free will this time, but i'm counting on everyone, of course :P
and don't bring flowers wrapped in plastic unless you are prepared for a lecture on co2 emission, melting icecaps and the extinction of the innuit race and polar bears..

Thursday, January 7



Monday, January 4

наш'та гордост!

you know how we always say 'new year, new chances' and all that?
i thought it very inspirational to have the opportunity to tell you about a boy who took his one lots of years ago, and is now going to rightfully bask in the outcome of it. and i also find it very inspirational, that this person, as it is, always inspired me in a way, but he probably doesn't know that. [yeah, i'm not feeling too eloquent today..]
he didn't quite cure cancer, or invent velcro or build a spaceship, exactly [although i'm sure one day he will. build a spaceship that is.], but in this small universe we grew up in, in this forsaken environment we got 'shaped and molded', he did something prettyy damn cool, and he is the first one to do it here. he filmed/put together/montaged/edited/etc the first freestyle/freeride ski movie for bulgaria. sure you'd say, that's been done, we have snowboard flicks and stuff. but i think it honorable, cause i've known him for quite a while and it's a one hour movie that he went trough with himself.

the premiere is going to be on the 7th of Jan [thursday] 8:30 at "дом на киното",
movie is called 'Desire To Fly' by Hristian Ignev
so i highly suggest you be there and give him a big ol high five! :D

Thursday, December 31


i was contemplating what great final piece to post before this year turns its back on us and we go wave 'hi' to new chances, but i couldn't think of much. actually, i thought of too much, as always. so then what i thought was that i'd just stop thinking. i'll have my coffee and go help organize the party for tonight - mulled wine, jello shots, fruit salad, cakes and muffins and playlists and all - and then, after midnight, it's total free fall. no new year's resolutions, no promises, and no more goddamn thinking. that wouldn't have to mean i'm giving up on everything i've been working for, i'll just let it come to me this time :)
i don't have any special picture to go with this post,
but i bet everyone has as much showers to take, hair to dry, jello to cook as i do,
so have your coffee in peace, and i'll see you all next year!

Friday, December 25

fa-la-la, etc.

christmas shopping can kill your feet,
getting all the presents home can break your back,
and gift-wrapping with organic rope and paper makes you bleed.
it's like sacrifice, it's almost religious.
but of course it's my favourite holiday :)
have a very merry one, everybody!

Wednesday, December 23

the lights and buzz

"I'm coming home from my hardest year
I'm making plans not to make plans while I'm here
And this life has been no holiday, a complicated situation
I'm fine with all my memories
Still I could use vacation.."
- Jack's Mannequin

happy holiday's and remember that life is short - eat dessert first!;]

Thursday, December 10

i'm gonna dance with somebody

i just about forgot that mando diao are playing at the principal club in thessaloniki on saturday, so i haven't made any definite plans, but i'll be catching the 5 o'clock bus, so if anyone is up for it, give me a call, or just be there ;)

Sunday, December 6

out with the bad, in with the clean

not that i'm close to the planned renovations i've been looking forward to so much, but coming back from ikea with another load of new stuff, i decided i can't stash all the coffee tables and decorations away in my 'soon to be used' cupboard, so i decided to get rid of some old stuff.
and we all know how that goes - once you get started you get sucked in the 'oh hell, i don't need that anymore' whirlwind..
so today, once i'm done, i will be throwing out what now looks like tons of magazines and seasonal-decorations. i left a note for the neighbours, but i was thinking, if anyone wants to call dibs on old french/italian/american/british issues of Vogue, Elle, Elle Decorations, Marie Claire, Glamour, or missbehave, Intelligent Life, even Thrasher, Bike, Freeskier, Freeze, and a ton of Intro[bg] and Free[gr] mags, they can send me a pm. also if you're in need of halloween pumpkin lightchains, or candleholders, and old golden rudolfs and santas..


Monday, November 30


so today we decided to go check out the opening of the christmas bazaar in the park, as it was supposed to be all traditional and holiday-ish and whatnot.
i heard the news-people announce it as 'typically european'. i hope they all went today and are currently stuffing their foot in their mouth.
frankly, it was hideous. i would especially like to stress the absence of mulled wine, which is outrageous! no christmas cookies either, except if maybe you spent your childhood with nescafe instant coffee and a kitkat chunky around the fireplace.
oh but there was plenty of barbecued meat which was the general holiday stench of the main tent. also some thrown-about so-called parlors, which were selling dead fox scarves, those ugly traditional pots i never liked and overpriced, supposedly fair trade accessories. take that for a christmas holiday feel.
the only thing that topped the horrendous organization and concept of the happening were the seriously creepy glowing angel corpses on a string they had put all over the place. maybe they were going for the ghosts of christmas past. i hope so.

i wish i was in germany, but i promise to make a little
gathering with my own infamous glühwein soon. <3


Tuesday, November 24

i guess sometimes we leave too much for tomorrow..